Rumble Fish joins Swiss-Polish Blockchain Association

We are happy to announce Rumble Fish Software Development as our newest Member! Rumble Fish is a software house at the forefront of blockchain projects development since 2017. With extensive experience and vast knowledge of smart contracts development, building crypto exchanges, or realizing DAO initiatives, they are the first-choice partner to many global Web3-oriented companies. Rumble Fish brings you a dedicated team of top-notch blockchain developers to work on your product exclusively; whether you need a whole lineup or an extension to your existing development team - they’ve got you covered. Their secret sauce is the ability to use their blockchain expertise to take leadership of the project and cover the entire development process - from early conceptualization to post-launch support.
To discover more about Rumble Fish, click here.
Rumble Fish joins Swiss-Polish Blockchain Association

II Swiss-Polish Blockchain Symposium in Warsaw

A BIG THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS, PARTNERS, SPEAKERS, MEMBERS AND AUDIENCE. II Swiss-Polish Blockchain Symposium on September 8, 2022, was a fantastic event! We explored the secrets of Blockchain, Crypto, NFT, Investments, Security, Regulations, CBDC, CryptoFinance, and many more. Our event attracted experts, entrepreneurs, scientists, officials, and economic and political personalities, as well as multi-industry leaders from Poland, Switzerland, and various countries.
Swiss-Polish Blockchain Symposiun Agenda
Swiss-Polish Blockchain Symposium Agenda


There’s no better place to be for blockchain enthusiasts than Swiss-Polish Blockchain Association.
We are located in the heart of Switzerland - in canton Zug, famous for being a fintech startups’ mecca. It is where entrepreneurs from around the globe go, looking for growth opportunities and investors.
Proud to be part of this unique and exceptional ecosystem, we want to build a bridge between the Swiss and Polish blockchain community.
Our team consists of experienced professionals, both from Poland and Switzerland, with multidisciplinary backgrounds, but with shared common belief that blockchain is the gamechanger for many fields.
It includes looking at the technology and its’ usage from various angles, for instance - legal aspects, impact on societies or usage in widely defined healthcare.




The strength of who we are and what we do - is you! We are glad to welcome everyone to our Swiss-Polish Blockchain community. Add your talents and expertise and gain the full benefit of our network.


We aim to achieve our mission by:
  • building and establishing a networking platform and meeting place for members
  • organizing common projects
  • starting and enabling research
  • organizing conferences, meet-ups and other useful events
  • offering an initial business and legal advice relevant to startups setting up in the blockchain/crypto space by issuing policy recommendations
Part of the power of blockchain technology is the ability to create powerful network effects. That is our aim as well.
Bring your talents, your vision, your problems - and let’s build a strong link in the Swiss-Polish blockchain community (Articles of Association / Statut Stowarzyszenia).


The magic and exciting world of NFTs – 27.01.22

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It was a fantastic NFT event! We would like to say “Thank you” to our great community and all attendees (over 200 people from all over the world registered!) for such active participation and interesting questions. Big thanks also to … Read More


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Swiss-Polish Blockchain Association President Katharina Lasota Heller and Vice President Kasia Pieniądz represented SPBA at Switzerland’s 1st Polish Economic Forum “POLISH ENTREPRENEURS IN SWITZERLAND – HOW TO SUCCEED?” Katharina Lasota Heller talked about Polish direct investments in Switzerland. Kasia Pieniądz … Read More