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Blockchain technology is all about connections - about a network capable of accomplishing much more than any individual part.

The Swiss-Polish Blockchain Association is dedicated to this ideal - and to the mission of connecting Switzerland and Poland and the entrepreneurs, visionaries and pioneers of both countries.


1st Swiss-Polish Blockchain Symposium


The first Swiss-Polish Blockchain Symposium featured a strong mix of the Swiss and Polish blockchain community with a full day discussion, knowledge-sharing and insights.


Our Mission

Our mission is to support and connect start-ups in the Swiss-Polish blockchain ecosystem - and to build a bridge between Crypto Valley and Poland. We link members and other contacts with the aim to build a mutually-beneficial network, exchange ideas and develop research and business opportunities in the area of blockchain and cryptographic technologies.


Join the Association!

The strength of who we are and what we do - is you! We are glad to welcome everyone to our Swiss-Polish Blockchain community. Add your talents and expertise and gain the full benefit of our network.


Our Impact

We aim to achieve our mission by

  • building and establishing a networking platform and meeting place for members

  • organizing common projects

  • initiating and enabling research

  • organizing conferences, meet-ups  and other useful events

  • offering an initial business and legal advice relevant to startups setting up in the blockchain/crypto space

  • by issuing policy recommendations


Our values



Openness at the core

We believe that cooperation depends on openness and transparency - a key to building a healthy network and ecosystem.


Upholding strong standards

What we say and do is a reflection of what we believe in. And that kind of integrity makes gives us strength.


Un-biased in tech & beyond

Neutrality is well-associated with Switzerland and its history - but we believe it applies to technology as well.


Mutual respect in action

How do we help each other? We put mutual respect and trust in action in everything we do.


Always lending a helping hand

Big things are rarely accomplished alone - that is part of why we want to work together, in the true spirit of collaboration.


The Fundamentals of blockchain

As an association we come together to help each other, but we value and uphold the spirit of the technology we believe in.




Get Involved

We can’t do this alone - and we don’t want to! Part of the power of blockchain technology is the ability to create powerful network effects. That is our aim as well.

Bring your talents, your vision, your problems - and let’s do build a strong link in the Swiss-Polish blockchain community.


Have an idea?

The pool of creativity never runs dry when many minds and talents come together. Tell us about what you would like to see happen or how we can help each other.

Want to make a suggestion?

We are open and transparent about our mission and we welcome your suggestions for improvement and ways to create more value for our members.

Connect your network

Tell those in your inner circle about the opportunities that the Swiss-Polish Blockchain Association offers - and help us grow!


Founding Partners